Made with love on Solana

   Q1 2022 Part 1

1969 Groovy Bears are minted on the Solana blockchain

Art submissions are compiled via form

Groovy Bears are tradeable on secondary marketplaces

The Groovy Bear Art Society is established along with a community wallet

6.9% of the Solana from the mint is allocated to wallet

All Groovy Bear holders are granted membership to the Groovy Bear Art Society

   Q1 2022 Part 2

Art exhibitions begin every Friday

  • Ten art submissions are presented to Groovy Bear Art Society members
  • Members vote upon their favorite 3 submissions
  • Submission winners are purchased from the submitting artist for 1 sol each and minted into “Groovy Art Collective” collection
  • All royalties directed to community wallet to support future artists
  • Each winning submission then airdropped to a lucky Groovy Bear Art Society member
  • Art pieces from the “Groovy Art Collective” are available for trading on secondary market

All winning artists will be showcased on our website with a spotlight (socials and a bio)

The more Groovy Bears you have, the higher chance each week you’ll receive a piece of art!

Q2 2022

Release of secondary Groovy collection

  • All Groovy Bear holders automatically whitelisted and discounted
  • Groovy Art Collective holders receive free airdrop based on amount of pieces held

Groovy Bear Art Society merch releases

Art society regularly votes to determine usage of community wallet

Art workshops available in the Discord to learn new mediums and creative programs ranging from Adobe Photoshop, photography and painting!

   Q3 2022

First Groovy Bear Art Society meet-up in Boston, Massachusetts (that’s where we are currently located, although location can be subject to change based on community vote) and art show displaying the pieces in our collective thus far!

Continuous collaborations with other projects and artists to ensure our Art Society is fueled with creative exploration!